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About March 11, 2008

My name’s Annette Schulte, and I’m a journalist engaged in a grand “social media” experiment to nurture online communities around the things local people care about. Local, in this case, being Eastern Iowa. This blog tracks my explorations and struggles, missteps, course corrections and lessons learned.

What’s with “Content Ninja”? Well, I’m a geek for Japanese manga and anime. When pressed for a name for this blog, I threw out Content Ninja, and it stuck. I’m rather fond of it. Perhaps, when I grow up, I’ll change it to something suitably, er, serious. For now, I’m having fun.


7 Responses to “About”

  1. Chuck Peters Says:

    Annette –

    Ninja seems appropriate to me!


  2. Cassie Willis Says:

    If “content ninja” means “connoisseur of creative, thought-provoking content”, you fit the bill, Annette!

    Just don’t forget about your content friends in the broadcast journalism industry. We’re just as fascinated as you are. Convergence is upon us! — Cassie

  3. You’re right, Cassie, about the impact of change on broadcast journalism, which stands to lose as much or more of its lunch to the Web as newspapers do. I have been told that the blog is too print-oriented, and I’m looking for ways to broaden my perspective as well as the blog’s.

  4. taoofdavid Says:

    Annette, you could always start a vlog ;)


  5. gsbigger Says:

    Little more food for your thought here:

    I am convinced we can move from observations (and being the victims) to insight (and sustainable solutions). This is my goal and hands-on approach to a viable ‘socialution’, BY all and for all.

    As Jay would say – ‘what say you?’


  6. Just stoppin by, great site design and quality content. thanks for adding me to the blogroll!

  7. Mary Says:

    Ninja begs the connotation fierce and fearless – you are both!

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