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Facebook is the new Peyton Place September 8, 2008

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I hated growing up in small-town northwest Iowa. I could not wait to get out of that redneck, go-nowhere town and into the big, wide world where no one knew your business or even cared. I got out, but ironically, I’m now living in an even smaller town.

Clive Thompson, writing for NYT Magazine online Friday on the proliferation of “ambient awareness” and weak ties to many people, makes an interesting point. He’s talking predominantly about Facebook and Twitter and how they arrange the minutiae of our lives into revealing portraits of ourselves.

He notes: “This is the ultimate effect of the new awareness: It brings back the dynamics of small-town life, where everybody knows your business.”

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4 Responses to “Facebook is the new Peyton Place”

  1. Molly Says:

    What I like about the “small-town life” of Facebook and Twitter is that you have, to some degree, greater control of what business you want to share than you do in a real small town atmosphere. If my dogs tangle my feet and trip me up, my Facebook friends aren’t tweeting to see if I’m OK. :)

  2. dalejones Says:

    Fort Dodge a small town? I don’t think so. Now Manson, that’s a small town? I once heard all about a great time I’d had at a party, and I wasn’t even at that party. People knew stuff about you that you didn’t even do!

    I agree with Molly. There is a degree of control in online communities, although people who want to do you ill can certainly cast a wider net than in that little town of 2,000 people!

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  4. Mary Says:

    I just “joined” Facebook and have been searching for my own definition of what it is – part Dear Diary, part scrapbooking on steroids.

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