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One with the machine, or resistance is futile September 5, 2008

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TED is a really cool think-tank conference that you may have heard of. This is a 20-minute TED video of Kevin Kelly’s presentation on what’s coming in the next 5,000 days of the Web. He points out that the Web is only 5,000 days old and look how far we’ve come.

Now, this will either amaze you or scare the socks off you. (There’s a really good science-fiction novel in Kelly’s theory, I think.) It also does a good job of putting “semantic Web” and “the cloud” into English.


4 Responses to “One with the machine, or resistance is futile”

  1. B.J.Smith Says:

    Fascinating presentation (and yes, a bit frightening in some aspects). Thanks.

    Speaking of sci-fi, the info about growth in processing power brings to mind “The Terminator,” in which the machines of the future decide to exterminate us.

    Re his statement that we will become co-dependent on the web: one might argue we already have.

  2. rickmurphy Says:

    I enjoyed Kevin’s talk, but there are issues with the vision of the Semantic Web as a Web of Meaning. You may enjoy a piece I recently wrote called: The State of the Semantic Web Representation and Realism which you can find here …


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  4. still observing Says:

    Wow! Does anyone remember the prescient B-movie The Forbin Project? You can guess what happens when it reaches critical computational mass.

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