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High tide June 16, 2008

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Today is a gift — a beautiful, soft spring day. The sun is warm when we lift our faces to it, and the breeze is cool against our skin. The world is saturated with color, like a new box of crayons. 

Perhaps this glorious day is nature’s gesture of apology to Eastern Iowans who have stoicly watched, helpless, as floodwaters washed away livelihoods and lifetimes’ worth of memories in homes and neighborhoods.

Today has significance for me. It is my sister’s birthday, and nine years’ ago today I went home from the hospital after a two-week stay and nearly dying while bringing my daughter into the world.  I’m not a spiritual person, but I was comforted then by author Squire Rushnell’s little book, “When God Winks.” In it, he argues that life’s little coincidences are signs from whatever higher power you choose that things are gonna be OK.

I choose to believe that this gorgeous day, whose date already has significance for me, is a sign that it’ll be OK. And I hope that those who have lost so much in recent days will find the signposts in their day and their lives that bring them comfort as well.

I’ll end today with kudos for my colleagues in the company’s two newsrooms who have demonstrated, and continue to, what the best of multimedia journalism can be. See their work and excellent flood coverage at and, as well as the daily Gazette newspaper and coverage on KCRG-TV9. 




One Response to “High tide”

  1. Ninja in Training Says:

    Oh ninja, how right you are – today is a gift. One of my favorite quotes is, “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, then it’s not the end!”

    Out of the flood will be the rebirth of our communities, the revitalization of our downtowns, and the bringing together of people from all over in ways a week ago we would have never imagined.

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