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What she said June 2, 2008

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Beth Kanter

Image by eschipul via Flickr

I’ve written about David Cohn, from, before. Today he has posted a video interview with Beth Kanter, a star in social media adoption among non-profits. In the video, Kanter outlines her “cute dog theory.”

It’s a darn good and succinct description of the process that Content Ninja is pursuing. And Kanter articulates it much better than I have to date.

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3 Responses to “What she said”

  1. iowakitkat Says:

    It’s an interesting outline of how to go about the process. What we need to do is identify the right niche issues, projects, etc. to build on. Start with a small community, maybe a part of a larger community, and beging the foundation there then keep building, but with planning. There are, IMHO, many health-related niches that could build community now and perhaps then in the future expanding or merging with other healt related communities.
    Want and example of a successful social community (may not have the IM feature but talk about bringing people with similar interests together) check out Ravelry. Go ahead and giggle at the fact it’s knitting-related, but they have over a million – I think – beta testers with a waiting list growing every day.
    We need to grab those niche opportunities — or ones that can become niche opportunities – and begin cultivating and nurturing them now not 6 or 8 months or a year from now after the initial enthusiasm has wilted from neglect or been committeed to death.
    For example, I still think a kidney failure niche product could start building from the micro to the macro problem, start with the pebble and let it ripple out.
    Kathy Alter

  2. Beth Kanter Says:

    Thanks for the shout out. Do you know Ed? He took that photo of me right before we did our SWSX panel!

    Kathy: I think you are so right on with your comment about niches and health-related topics. BTW, I just finished researching some health related web2.0/social media health care niches ..

  3. Digidave Says:

    Beth is darn good, that’s why I wanted to get that interview. She is really good at explaining how to do online organizing. Something nonprofits AND journalists need to be good at on the web.

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