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Mama needs a new pair of shoes May 16, 2008

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I was up past my bedtime last night playing craps with friends.

The last time I played craps was in high school algebra class. Like many a teenager I was bored and not really interested in the math behind games of chance, and so the rules of the game did not stick. I recall the boys in the class excitedly tossing the dice across the floor and against the classroom wall, yelling all the while. I thought they were morons.

Sorry, guys.

We had a blast last night learning the intricacies of the game and the lingo — boxcars, Johnnie Hix, hard eights — and how to bet. Our teacher, Mark, was incredibly patient with our little gaggle of women. We even got etiquette tips, like get your hands out of the way by the time the shooter throws the dice. Biggest lesson I learned is that craps is a great way to lose money fast.

Will that stop me from playing at a real casino craps table someday? No way. Life is too short not to try something new, even if it’s complicated (and craps is).

As is my way with personal ramblings, there is an application here for my worklife as well. There are days, living in this creative space, that I get frustrated. Why can’t the answers come easy? I want a perfect view of the perfect solution, but dammit, the path isn’t clear yet. Am I even on the right path?

As my friend Polly says, “You gotta start somewhere.”

So I’m going to throw the dice and see how they land. I’ll lose some and win some, and that’s OK. Taking the chance is the point of the game.

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4 Responses to “Mama needs a new pair of shoes”

  1. Dale Jones Says:

    At this point, you might say that taking the chance is even more than the point of the game. It’s a territorial imperative, and we’re counting on people such as you to define the new pathways for information providers and to guide us through them.

    Good luck with that!

  2. Dale Jones Says:

    Uh, no pressure, though

  3. Matthew M Says:

    “Why can’t the answers come easy?”

    Because the questions aren’t easy. When I was 12 years old I asked my mom if there was actual proof Jesus Christ existed. She started crying and I never got an answer yet we still spend time together at Christmas, 20 years later. Maybe that is too deep but you get my point.

    I agree with you and wholeheartedly so. I believe you are on the right path. In high school I owned this 1976 Chevy station wagon. A friend and I were cruising 1st avenue and we ran out of gas. I put the car in neutral and we coasted a block further, right into a gas station where I put my only 4 dollars into the tank ($0.92 a gallon, I miss those days). The next time the tank got low I didn’t worry too much because I knew there was a chance we would coast into another station.

    You are on the right path. If you run out of gas looking for the perfect view of the perfect solution, put it into neutral for a while and coast into a coffee shop. Espresso always stirs my creative juices.

  4. contentninja Says:

    LOL. You guys make me smile. Thanks for the words of encouragement — and for not asking if I wanted cheese with my whine. :)

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