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Can ninja come out to play? May 5, 2008

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So now I’m on MySpace.

Actually, I registered at MySpace in mid-April to get our teenaged baby sitter off my case. She was adamant that being on Facebook was not enough. I did nothing with my MySpace profile, however, and I discovered today that it was deleted.

So I registered again. And invited a couple of friends so the page would appear active. (Ha. You signed up yet, Chuck?)

I can hear the snickers. Go ahead, scoff all you want; deride MySpace as the social media playground for kids. The kids may have the last laugh, though.

Jason Falls, blogging at Social Media Today, takes his tech peers to taskfor being social media snobs who, in his opinion, have erred by writing off MySpace as pedestrian or child’s play.

He cites figures that MySpace gets 66 million monthly visitors to Facebook’s 28 million monthly visitors.

“And those 66 million monthly visitors aren’t high school girls, either,” he writes, citing Quantcast stats that 62 percent of MySpace users are older than 24, they have a higher minority concentration than the Internet average and 49 percent of users live in households earning $60,000-plus.

He sums it up nicely: “Ignore MySpace because of its gaudiness and free expression and, ‘That is soooo 2006,’ if you like, but ignore it at your own peril. That’s where the majority of the world is and will be for the foreseeable future.”

I’ve been hammering my fellow journalists for being elitist snobs dreadfully out of touch with our audiences. Seems the gearheads have the same problem on occasion. Well, I want to get it right in both arenas.

So I’m on MySpace, because the kids are alright. And you. Won’t you come out and play?




One Response to “Can ninja come out to play?”

  1. Matthew M Says:

    I have been told by friends and colleagues the same sort of thing, “MySpace? What are you, 12?”. I am a musician and using MySpace as a medium to share my music would be great, though I don’t have time to record because I am always on Facebook looking for old friends or searching for stuff on Google.

    I must say the bulletins on Myspace are 100% tainted by spammy questionnaires and the people who spend their time filling them out, one after the other, are most certainly part of the “Decline of Western Civilization” as we know it.

    Ah what the hell do I know…I enjoy reading them some times but you will never know if I was a NKOTB fan in 1989!

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