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Sugar rush April 25, 2008

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Just a quick note to say that Content Ninja is in focus-group withdrawal, but what a great experience! We clearly share a community with lots of bright, engaging, funny people. They were thrilled to share their opinions and thoughts, learned from each other along the way (that kind of organic interaction was great to watch) and many of them offered, without prompting, to remain engaged with us for continued brainstorming and user testing. THAT is cool.

Other big thing this week is Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco. Jason Kristufek, Ted Borelli, Todd Bransky and Becky Ogann are there. What’s really cool is that they’re posting daily blogs and video from the convention to share what’s going on. Jason is tweeting, too. Check out their updates at Wedia Buzz.


2 Responses to “Sugar rush”

  1. Chuck Peters Says:

    Ninja –

    I am assuming your focus groups talked about content, did they also speak to context?

    In any community, getting the information, knowing who said it, and putting into context takes a lot of work.

    Communities under stress might offer some leads. One of the most stressful transitions is a merger or acquisition. A good discussion of the use of wikis in that setting can be found at

    What do you think?


  2. contentninja Says:

    Actually, this was JTBD research, which gave the discussion more depth than just content.

    The whys are fascinating. Why people want information or certain kinds of information. How far they’re willing to go for what they want. What it would take to get them involved with giving information context — comments, rankings, talking up a service. Whether they would use the context we can provide.

    A lot of work doesn’t scare me. Life is a lot of work. Heck, the focus groups were a lot of work!

    Thanks for the link, Chuck. I’ll check it out later.

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