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Take a breath April 17, 2008

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What? Did I fall in? No, just busy, busy, busy. Jim Tobin at Ignite Social Media wrote a post at Social Media Today that gave me pause, for a second.

In “Social Media Geeks, Like Us, Aren’t Normal,” he cautions social media strategists not to confuse gearheads’ enthusiasm for the tools as being majority sentiment. He offers the example that a majority of social media geeks might use Firefox, but a majority of corporate folk use Explorer.

“So as we Twitter, check out different browsers like Flock, add extensions to Firefox to make it ‘ours,’ and blog on the couch late at night, we need to remember that we’re not normal. That’s ok, until you choose a social media marketing strategy that’s based on people acting like us. As you craft your social media marketing strategy, remember, you’re not normal.”

What a sage thing to say. And a good reminder that the tools don’t come first.

Remember, “Good to Great“? It’s not about the technology. As my friends Tom and Jason are wont to say, “Figure out what you want to do, and then line up the tools to do it.”

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One Response to “Take a breath”

  1. Matthew M Says:

    An old coworker of mine (during my construction days) use to say, “If you can’t duct it, f#ck it”.

    This statement ties in to the concept we know as “ease of use”. A FireFox add-on to you or I is a simple search, click and restart. Plugging third party apps into WordPress, MySpace and Facebook isn’t always easy. Knowing they even exist is yet another challenge.

    matty out

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