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Man on the scene April 11, 2008

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David Howell is a mobile vlogger in Cedar Rapids whom I follow on Twitter. He makes videos using a cell phone.

He made a video of last night’s weather non-event. See it here:  (He’s a grown-up, and so’s his language.) Despite the fact that nothing much happened weatherwise in his hood, his video is fun to watch. His anxiety is palpable when he gets spooked by the sirens.

How cool would it be for reporters to create video content with their phones? Forget the expensive pro-grade video cameras, and equip folks to do this right now with a piece of equipment they can carry in their pockets. Invite folks in the community who already have the right phone to shoot video for us, too.

I know, it takes time to edit and polish the finished product. That’s what product managers on the backend would do.

Imagine the possibilities: Reporter or community member shoots video on phone and uploads raw content to our content pool, where a product manager — TV or online — can pull all the raw bits, edit and polish, and present a terrific finished piece.

Hello, world!


2 Responses to “Man on the scene”

  1. taoofdavid Says:

    Hey ya!

    The phone that I carry has a video editor built right into it. That way, should I be at one of those “man on the spot” happenings, I could edit the video and upload it straight away.

    The media needs people like us that can accomplish this right now :)

  2. […] couple of weeks ago, Annette Schulte posted something about a Cedar Rapids video blogger who uses his cellphone camera. The salient point was that media companies don’t need fancy […]

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