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Learning curve April 3, 2008

The folks over at SocialMediaToday have posted “17 Things I Learned from Paul Gillin’s Presentation” ( Gillin is the author of “The New Influencers,” a media consultant and blogger ( and

I found Nos. 1 and 2 interesting:

“1) You can’t know everything on the internet. You can however, know something really well. Choosing wisely is important and where some business finesse is necessary.

“2) Get involved in small markets. You have the opportunity to be really specific in your needs because geography is no longer an issue. Mr. Gillin’s wife has a successful blog about rabbits. Yes, rabbits. Yes, it’s successful.”

These speak to our efforts to build a local, engaged community, an affinity group, around a specific content area. (No, not Cedar Rabbits.)

And item No. 7: “Less than 10% of people believe what they read in traditional media.” 

Then we’d better figure out how to gain their trust and build credibility in the new media, hadn’t we?


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  1. Chuck Peters Says:

    I am really enjoying this blog. When I want to be sure I am up to date, I come here, and WediaUP!


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