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Ciao, bella! March 24, 2008

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I’ve been under the weather lately. Perfect timing when you consider the less than ideal weather of late: roiling dark clouds, biting wind, spitting sleet. Pretty much describes the state of my stomach Friday and Saturday. Yech.

And my point is? It struck me Sunday, while talking to Mom on the phone, that even at my age I like whining to Mom when I’m sick. It somehow makes me feel better. Family does that for you. My heritage is Sicilian, and family is everything. (You have to go back at least three generations to find any “Tony Sopranos” on the family tree. Capisce?) Generally speaking, though, many of us turn to family for comfort.

Again, so? So that sense of comfort among people you know — maybe not well, but by god they’re family — is a Holy Grail, I think, for people building online communities. Those of us experimenting with social media should want to build a “family” online, where people come to be comforted and comfortable. Get to know us; we’ll get to know you.

Sure, there will be some crazy characters in the mix. That’s OK. A real family has them, too.

Oh, btw, Edward Sussman interview (see earlier post “Faster than a speeding bullet”) didn’t pan out. We failed to connect last week as planned. Moving on …