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Faster than a speeding bullet March 14, 2008

Another social media experiment of note: ( is the Web site of the business magazine Fast Company. The Web site’s not just a dumping ground, however, for the mag’s content or stuff that wouldn’t fit in the print product. It has a clearly defined topical area and audience, and its own take on online community. Staff content is there, but it often takes a back seat to user-generated content. UGC comes in the form of blogs, forums and user-created groups.

President Edward Sussman explained it in a February post on the Web site. He has high hopes for the experiment’s impact on the industry:

“We think our site will help change how traditional media websites think about online community. It’s shouldn’t be bolted-on to the main website as a side show. And it’s not something only pure-play start ups can do well. In fact, media websites can leverage their editorial staff to develop a deeply engaging conversation with and amongst their community. It’s a model the pure plays can’t even compete with.”

Read the whole post here: 

Sussman is a busy guy. He has responded, however, to my request for a conversation, and I’m hopeful that I can get it scheduled for late next week. Stay tuned …